The Real-Time Mobile Enterprise: The Benefits of Rapid, Easy Access

The competitive pressures of the increasingly global market reward the Real-Time Enterprise (RTE), defined as the organization focused on market and customer responsiveness, swift and agile decision-making, and transparency and immediacy of information shared among internal groups. Enterprise mobile applications have evolved as an essential enabler of the RTE, delivering business-critical information when and where it’s needed.

The basic framework is now in place for a virtual renaissance in enterprise mobile applications. New application development frameworks optimized for enterprise data integration have emerged that offer rapid and cost-effective prototyping, development, and deployment of custom or purpose-built mobile applications.

This webinar will cover topics that include:

  • The new generation of lightweight task-driven applications that leverage the mobile device UI

  • The power of mobility to redesign communications, collaboration, and workflow to deliver actionable information on-demand

  • The business value of increased operational efficiency

  • The time-to-productivity advantages of a new application approach

  • Meeting IT's demands for mobile security, management, and compliance

  • Driving unnecessary cost out of the operation

About Our Speakers:

Andrew Borg, Senior Research Analyst, Wireless and Mobility, Aberdeen Group
Andrew Borg focuses on identifying the enablers and friction points in the adoption of wireless and mobility technologies within the enterprise, and in the markets those enterprises serve. His particular interest is in documenting the behavioral and procedural adaptations that the most successful companies within an industry have made; and then in disseminating those best practices for a broader audience to benefit from.

Kevin Benedict, CEO and founder, Netcentric Strategies
Kevin Benedict is the CEO and founder of Netcentric Strategies, a consulting and marketing firm focused on enterprise mobility, and is a mobile industry analyst, consultant, writer, and speaker on subjects related to the mobile enterprise.
He has over 22 years of experience working with enterprise software applications; built a mobile enterprise software company from the ground up that experienced 100% year-over-year growth for 4 straight years; and served as an executive advisor and consultant to companies worldwide in enterprise mobility, tele-health, GPS vehicle tracking, field service automation and many other areas related to mobility.
Kevin has published over one thousand articles on technology trends, strategies and case studies, and he works with companies to develop effective enterprise mobility strategies.